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Monday, April 9, 2007


In the advent of all of the new organization shows on TV, I was inspired to reevaluate my organizational skills. The first thing I noticed was I need simplicity or I can't remember what I need to do.

One should also note everyone has their own style and method of organization. It has to work for you. If you run out and buy all of the fancy new fangled organizing tools and you forget how or what you did, they are worthless. I also keep mine simple, so I will stay motivated to be organized.

I find my life to be hectic, as most of us do. I am definitely a multi-tasker, therefore I need to have a moderate sense of control in my life, thus organization is a must.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to explore my organizational tricks. I welcome your comments. Remember these ideas may not work for you, tweak them or toss them. The idea is to find something that is helpful and will save you time, energy, and make you more productive.

So for today take a critical look at your style and methods of organizing your writing (and life). Make a list of what is working with your organization, and what isn't working. See if you can analyze why or why not?

Off to see what I find...